Check-in: 4 p.m.    Check-out: 11 a.m.

Early check-in fee: $50.00



What do we need to know?
Double occupancy rate is between $150.00 and $200.00 per night. The rate for each additional person is $20.00/night. Children under 2 stay free at Mansfield Plantation.

How do I reserve a room?
By phone or by email. We will charge a 50% downpayment at the time you make your reservations for stays of two (2) nights or more. For one (1) night stays, we will charge the full room amount at the time your reservation is made.


What if we damage the room?
Guests are 100% responsible for any damage to the guest rooms, plantation home and the entire Mansfield Plantation property. Guests are also responsible for stolen plantation property, including bedding, furniture, bathroom accessories, and all contents within their guest room.

What if the room was already damaged?
If you notice any damage to your guest room, please bring it to our attention as soon as possible to avoid charges to your credit card. We will do our best to remedy the situation.

What is the cleanup policy?
All rooms are professionally cleaned at Mansfield Plantation after your departure. This includes fresh bedroom & bathroom linens, mopped and vaccummed floors, dusting and disenfecting the bathroom (shower, toilet, tub, floor). However, if there is excessive soiling of the guest room or plantation property, you will be automatically billed for 100% of any additional cleanup fees.

Do you offer damage or cleanup insurance?
We do not offer damage insurance at this time. Guests are 100% responsible for any damage to their room and the plantation grounds.


Can I host an event at Mansfield?
Absolutely. The entire plantation can be rented for a minimum of 2 days. Guests are entitled to use the entire plantation grounds (excluding main plantation home) and all 9 guest suites.

Can I host a party for only one afternoon or evening?
Unfortunately, we do not rent the plantation for less than 2 days/nights.

Can I have my wedding at Mansfield?
At this time we are not allowing weddings or wedding receptions on the plantation grounds. However, we invite you and your guests to stay at the Mansfield Plantation Bed & Breakfast while in Georgetown.


Does Mansfield Plantation allow dogs in the rooms?
Yes, we are a canine-friendly B&B and your dog is allowed to stay at the plantation with you. However, we kindly request that respect the following: 1) please do not leave your dog(s) in the room unattended, as they are prone to barking which could disrupt other guests; 2) please do not allow your dog(s) to sleep on comforters or furniture intended for people — if possible, bring your own dog bed; 3) please be respectful of our other guests who may not want to be disturbed by your dog(s).

Is there a pet deposit?
Yes, there is a $35 deposit required at check-in.

How many dogs can I bring?
As many as you like. We do not have a limit on the number of dogs, but we do kindly request that you use your best judgement in deciding if your dog(s) will interact well with each other, other plantation guests and other plantation guests' pets.

Is there a size limit?
No. As our innkeeper Kathryn likes to say, "if it can fit through the door your pet is welcome to stay with us."

What if my dog damages the plantation property?
Guests are 100% responsible for their dogs and will be charged 100% of any damages and expenses incurred to the guest rooms or plantation grounds. This includes routine cleanup fees if you allow your dog to sleep on bedspreads, etc...

Do you offer pet insurance?
We do not offer damage insurance at this time. You are 100% responsible for any damage to your room and plantation property.

Do you have kennels for dogs?
We do not have kennels, and we also advise that you keep your dog with you at all times to prevent disturbances to other guests.

Is there space for my dog to run free?
1,000 acres to be exact. Your dog is free to roam throughout the fields and forests at Mansfield Plantation. However, beware of letting your pet go near the canals unattended as alligators are native to the area.

Does Mansfield Plantation allow cats in the rooms?
We do not allow cats for two reasons: 1) Because of the allergic reaction many have to cats, and 2) dogs and cats to not go well together.


Are there mosquitoes at Mansfield Plantation?
Yes. We are located in the South Carolina Lowcountry where mosquitoes thrive. However, we have plenty of bug repellent on-hand and we utilize the latest mosquito population control technology to keep these pesky insects to a minimum.

Do you spray for mosquitoes?
We combat the mosquito population with two trusted techniques. First, we make use of strategically placed mosquito magnets that dispose of the mosquitoes in a environmentally friendly way. Second, we use foggers a few days a week to further keep their population to a minimum.

Do you give away free insect repellent?
No. You'll find cans in common places that we encourage our guests to use, but you will need to bring your own personal bottle if you wish to have it by your side.

When are the mosquitoes at their worst?
Summer. The mosquito population spikes from May through September.


Are children welcome at Mansfield Plantation?
Absolutely! We welcome children of all ages to the plantation. It is a great opportunity for them to explore a historic rice plantation, learn about pre-Civil War history and get much needed exercise.

Is there an age requirement for making reservations?
You must be 18 years of age or older to book a room at Mansfield Plantation.


Do you give tours?
At this time we do not offer tours of the plantation.

If I'm not staying at Mansfield or part of an organized tour, can I still explore the property?

Out of respect for our overnight guests, we kindly request that you refrain from visiting the plantation on your own. We limit the number of people on the property at any given time in order to preserve the peacefulness of this one-of-a-kind property.


1) There is a 50% down payment due at the time you book your reservations for stays of two (2) nights or more. More one (1) night stays, the room will be prepaid in full at the time you make your reservation.

2) You will receive a complete refund if you cancel your reservations two weeks ahead of your scheduled arrival date.

3) Your down payment is non-refundable if you cancel your reservations less that two weeks in advance.


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